With a team of professionals experienced in the Engineering and Construction Industry  we ensure on enduring  end-to-end  Program and Project Management Solutions:


  • Assembling the Team

We conduct project team procurement, scope, roles and responsibilities.


  • Defining Objectives & Challenges

In association with our clients’ project objectives, we provide feasibility studies and define each project with an aim of moving it forward.


  • Defining the Project Scope

We define a proper and comprehensive project scope adhering to project objectives, challenges and procurement strategies.


  • Planning & Execution

We estimate durations and resources (from initiation to completion), setting  milestones and development of project logistics based on forecasted activities to achieve target dates and budgets.


  • Cost Engineering & Control

We develop project estimates and budget ,and we monitor and control expenditures.


  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Measures

We Identify and quantify foreseeable project risks and provide necessary actions and solutions.


  • Quality planning

We provide project specific quality plan, quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC).